Monday, November 12, 2007

What Are Resale Rights?

What Are Resale Rights?
By Roy Miller Platinum Quality Author

The concept of "resale rights" might be new to you (some people say "resell rights" instead). What does it mean?

Generally, resale rights are rights to resell a product. Not rocket science, is it? You usually have to purchase resale rights. The price you pay lets you resell the product to your customers, bundle it with other products to create your own new products, etc.

What "resale rights" means depends on what kind of resale rights you're talking about. Here's a quick overview.

Some rights aren't really of the resale flavor at all. You can acquire "giveaway rights" to a product, which lets you give the product away, but not charge anything for it. But staying focused on resale rights in particular, there are three major varieties:

  1. Resale Rights. This is the basic right to resell a product, usually with no right to change the product's content.
  2. Master Resale Rights. These give you the right to resell the product, but also to resell the right to resell the product. You still (typically) can't change the content of the product.
  3. Private Label Rights. These rights let you change the content of the product. You can edit it as you see fit, and attach your name to it as the author.

You're likely to pay more for master rights than for basic resale rights, and you're likely to pay the highest price for private label rights. But those varieties usually give you greater opportunities to profit. They can be worth the money.

Now that you know what the terms mean, you won't be lost in the weeds when you're shopping for resale rights.

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