Monday, November 12, 2007

One Product At A Time !

One Product At A Time
By Quintus Rangasamy

Take a look at your desktop. How many ebooks have you downloaded? How many of those have you read? out of the ones you read how many have you implemented? Chances are none. Each ebook did not seem to have that magical answer of earning money doing nothing. The secret is to take one product at a time.

Paid surveys, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Clickbank, Commission Junction and multi-level marketing. I am sure we have all tried to make money with at least 2 of the aforementioned products.

Do you have 5 jobs? If you did how would manage? How would you cope having to focus on 5 different jobs? Fact is its impossible. We could maybe manage 2 jobs at once but 5? You're fired! So if we cannot manage 5 jobs how on earth can we single handedly manage 5 businesses? This another mistake people make. You need to realize that you are starting a business. You need to treat it as if you have invested $100 000 not $49.95. The way you look at and manage your business will change completely if you can change that mentality.

So starting a business is a serious affair and it takes guts, hard work and dedication to make it succeed. Just like any other business needs these characteristics, so does your internet business. I cannot stress it enough. You need to be 100% committed and focused on your goals in order to achieve them. Write them down. If its that BMW you want then cut out a picture and stick it in your closet so you see it every day. Visit the car dealership and sit in the BMW...smell the leather, do it every month and before you know it you will drive that BMW home.

So what if I told you there was a way you can earn multiple streams of income with 1 business? yes, there is a way! By combining the power of Clickbank, Google Adsense, and a generous company that gives free websites, its possible!

You do not need to use the expense of Google Adwords to promote your site. There are various ways such as classifieds, site submission to search engines world wide and using SEO tips and tactics.

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